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introducing stuma

Studio Management & Performance Insights

The only tool you need to manage your studio’s people & activities, improve models’ performance and grow your revenue.

All-in-One Growth Tool for Studios

Managing a cam studio used to look a lot like this...

Manage your studio & people

All the tools and support you need to manage your business, from the studio manager in the lighting used in room 5.

Team Internal Messaging

Internal instant messaging (chat) where you can talk to individuals or groups of people. Internal email messaging, announcements, warnings & notifications

Get Things Done

Project & task management tool directly integrated within the platform. Assign tasks to your staff, attach files, get notifications, see completion status.

Interviews & Recruiting

Schedule interviews, turn candidates into new model profiles - in just a few clicks. Connect this module to your website and get new job applications automatically in the app.

People Management

Manage multiple studios & locations. Manage each studio’s staff (models, trainers, tech supports, managers, everything). Shifts scheduling, room management, inventory & more.

better model management

Manage your models

The stars in your business. The center of attention. Manage them properly, ease their life, give them all the conditions they need to perform better and make more money.

Live status & remote access, fully automated

model profile

Everything model-related, at your fingertips

improvement history

Increase performance with actionable feedback

shift scheduling

Easily manage rooms & shifts

secure one-click logins

Securely manage all cam sites login data

better shows

Model training done right

Your complete training library to turn any model into a TOP model.

Personalized Training

Trainers & managers can easily give custom recommendations & tips to models so they can improve their performance. Assign personalized training based on the model’s niche and branding.

Text, Images & Videos

Share images with outfit examples, how to videos with techniques & examples. Assign training specific for starting models, as well as advanced training for your more experienced ones.

Show Templates

Models can easily copy & paste these texts to engage with their audience. Use and test profitable goals & tip menus, or create your own templates. Large, constantly growing database of proven: Messages, Hashtags, Topics, Show goals, Tip menus.

manage your cam sites

Works with all major cam sites...

grow your revenue

Improve Performance

Business Financials

  • Your business dashboard: in just one screen view your studio’s period performance, highest earning models, and other key performance indicators
  • Compare with previous periods
  • Earnings breakdown (cam site > studio > model)
  • Custom payments: add rent, inventory cost, etc

Payments Management

  • View all incoming payments from cam sites
  • Manage outgoing payments to models (as well as other staff)
  • Payments are auto-calculated based on performance, bonuses & commission configuration
  • Models can ask for payments in advance, and managers can approve them (or not)

Online Time & Earnings Analysis

  • Current shift earnings & stats for each model
  • Detailed breakdown and history of earnings
  • Comprehensive Reports: days worked > time spent online > productive time > breaks, etc
  • Uncover the best time slots and techniques used by models to increase earnings

Bonuses (and Fines)

  • Easily configurable bonusing structure (for models, trainers and other staff)
  • Motivate your team through gamification
  • Configure & apply fines for violating studio or cam sites rules & procedures



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